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March 9, 2022



What is Community Awareness?

Community Awareness is generally defined as knowledge created through interaction between community people and it's environment, a setting bounded in space and time. It involves states of knowledge as well as dynamic process of perception and action.

Awareness-building activities are required to ensure that communities are mobilized as participants in the project. Information disclosure and community awareness are essential for maintaining public or community support and redressing grievances during implementation period.

Community awareness nd participation is the key to success for achieving 100% sanitation and to ensure personal hygiene in the community. A group of people living together with common interests andpurpose may be called a community.

Awareness-raising is a process that seeks to inform and educate people about a topic or issue with the intention of influencing their attitudes, behaviours and beliefs towards the achievement of a defined purpose or goal. 

Awareness is the ability to perceive and become conscious of one's inner world while taking notice of external surroundings. 

Awareness  is often achieved through education, training, or life experience. The goal of awareness is to change culture sensitivity to a given topic or issue.