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Welcome to THE COMFORT LEVEL PODCAST! We are community-based promotional platform exposing the voices of the voiceless to bring awareness to brands created by our people, for the people. We use our voices to share truth, creativity and encouragement with our listeners to nurture, heal and inspire them in hopes and effort of making the world a better and more empathetic place. 

We are part of the spotlight for the county of Camden dedicated to help build and enhance the quality of life by bringing awareness to our outlets, programs and self-help topics. Our guests range from city officials, authors, motivational speakers, independent entrepreneurs, mainstream music artists and producers, content creators, city and county businesses and more. Not to mention great visual from our surrounding cities and areas that support our city either directly or indirectly.


For INTERVIEWS: JannyShmanny

Call-in to make a request or chat live (856) 964-WCMD

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